Lines sampled from John Mellencamp – to the tune of “Jack and Diane”. I hope it isn’t too much of a stretch!

Here’s a little diddy about Jack n’ Diane. Two ‘Merican folks with a broken iPad. Jackie gonna be an IT pro-o. Diane brings the iPad to Jackie’s lair to save a little dough.

Suck in’ on chilli dogs outside the tastee freeze. Diane’s sitting in Jackies shop, waitin on the fees. Jackie say, hey, Diane, I need another part and one more week. Your iPad doesn’t work, but I’m an IT guy – let me do as I please.

Oh yeah, this iPads done. Long after I said, you would have it back on mon. The iPad won’t – turn – on… Oh no, it won’t turn on.

Jackie sits back, reflects for a moment. Scratches his head doing some weird thing. You know Diane, you should run off to this place. They should have been your first stop anyways.

Oh yeah, the iPads done. Long after promise date came and gone. Diane took it to the IT guy and now it won’t turn on.

That’s about as much of the diddy I care to sample today, but it does reflect a scenario all to common. People take their devices (especially iPads) to the IT guy at work, or their friend that has a bunch of tech toys, in hopes for a cheap and professional repair. The next thing they know, delays followed by infrequent communication, and the iPad in pieces with a note to bring it to the Idoctor.

Yesterday I saw one of these. If the glass would have been placed on, it would have broken right away because they guy had it prepped all wrong. Then, he had broken the LCD and the connectors and
resistors on the board. A perfectly good iPad Air that is now junk.

As an “IT professional”, I know where to draw the line. We can’t be experts at everything – but we can make smart decisions.

Does your IT guy know what he can’t handle?20140614-110835-40115163.jpg