We might be a day late, but we feel it is never too late to help our planet in any way possible. Running opposite of many Earth Day thoughts and ideas, iDoctor says buck the recycling conventionalists – repair your device instead! There are a number of reasons that the practice of repair and continue to use (you or someone else) is good all around:

Keeps harsh components out of the earth – this includes a number of rare earth material that cannot be recycled. Also among these harsh components are materials that were developed in countries that have lax environmental standards – One less device manufactured because of your repair helps out in more ways than one!

A little more friendly on your pocketbook. Average repair prices are under $100 – and they continue to fall as parts become commodities. Compare this to the cost of purchasing an iPhone outright ($600 or more), or shelling out $200 and becoming handcuffed to a two year contract. Hidden in those good monthly deals are the dollars that are really paying for that phone. Having a device that is contract free enables you to get the best pricing possible.

You are saving money for the next “game-changing” device. Yes, we channeled the great Steve Jobs there – but think about it – how much have iPhone changed since the iPhone 4? The display is a little more crisp, the devices are a little faster, the connections are just a little bit…everything is just a little bit of something – not a gigantic leap into the next world like we want.

Bottom line – save your money and be kind to the environment!

Here is another article that was done pretty good (and someone obviously had a lot of time to do their fact digging – but they are not bombarded with real-life repair deadlines that keep people connected :)