You broke your device and took the first step in being environmentally (and economically) friendly – you decided to repair versus replace your iPhone or iPod. Repairing versus replacing an iPhone (or any device) keeps many materials – including rare earth minerals – from ending up in a landfill. This type of waste is commonly referred to as “e-waste”.

E-waste can be the device or the accessories related to the device. When millions of users upgraded from an older iPhone to the iPhone 5, considerable e-waste was generated because of the charge port alone! Think about the wall chargers, car chargers, cases, docks, speakers – and so on. Repairing the glass on your iPhone 4S will not only save you substantial amounts of money on the handset, but also accessory savings and environmental responsibility.

Idoctor goes the extra mile to protect the environment. All iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and iPod touch 4 glass and LCD’s are recycled. We implemented this in 2012 after careful research. All screens are packaged and shipped back to responsible manufacturing facilities we trust in China. Idoctor has recycled thousands of screens that would have otherwise been incinerated or placed in landfills. The picture on this blog post is an actual picture of a box filled with screens to be recycled.

Idoctor’s mission (in part) is to continuously get better. Sustainable practice and procedure will not only benefit our business, but also our world that we live in. We believe that this will not only help lead to better business practice, but also set an industry example that others can follow (leading to more recycling).

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