iDoctor sees a wide variety of issues with iPhones and iPads. One of the most common is headphone jack malfunction. This can range from lint being jammed in the port, headphone jack broken off inside, to the jack simply not responding any longer.

Headphone jacks breaking off inside the port is by far the most common that we see. This can be easily repaired in many cases if it hasn’t been further tampered with. However, there are some sources online that instruct people to use superglue and a  toothpick to get the jack out. Please do not try this. What happens is that glue gets along side the jack and sticks it into the port even more. If we are successful in getting the jack out, the remaining glue often causes the port to be damaged beyond repair – then we have to replace the port altogether.

A broken headphone jack can make it difficult to listen to media on your phone, or even have a simple telephone call – as the phone will think that headphones are plugged in and route the audio to the port instead of the speaker or the ear speaker.

If your headphone jack is acting up, please bring it into one of our three metro area locations. we would be happy to take a look at it for you. Most repairs only take 45-60 minutes!