You landed on this blog post because you are wondering or looking for a certified iPhone, iPod, or iPad technician – or you are just looking to kill some time at work – either way, I hope the following information is helpful…

A recent Google search of “iPhone certified technician” turned up 1,700,000 results. This would be great for consumers if all were true. This search result gives you almost two million places to AVOID!!!

Repair shops that claim to be iPhone repair certified are either lying or misleading you – Apple does not offer mobile hardware repair certification. In fact, Apple stores do very few actual mobile repairs in their own stores that are listed as authorized service centers. Many in-depth repairs that go through Apple are completely swapped out instead of repaired.

So, what or why does a repair shop claim to be certified and how do they get away with it?

Many shops have certified Macintosh technicians that have received no Apple training for mobile devices. Read the details and it turns out to be a gimmick.

My intentions were to not call any repair shop out on the carpet – but they are not a direct competitor of ours and their website is misleading enough where some clarification is needed. claims apple certification and that’s why your iPhone is safe with them. I called them this morning and asked if they were iPhone certified. The pleasant gal on the other end of the line started the default response of being Apple Certified, Macintosh Certified, etc. I pressed forward. Asking a coworker about the credentials she replied that they are NOT certified for iPhone repair through Apple. Just to be clear about this site I am calling out – the website looks fantastic, the FAQ’s provide a lot of straight-forward information – and it appears the owner has his head on right. Stretching facts and leading people to false conclusions is not right.

In the twin cities metro area there are several mall Kiosks that claim to be certified… But that’s misleading. I can claim that Idoctor techs are certified… By me – the owner of Idoctor – but that wouldn’t be right, would it?

Do these false claims indicate anything about how your repair will turn out? No. I am sure there are some very good techs out there. However, if your relationship with a business starts off with a lie you might want to put your guard up.

Idoctor does its best to provide accurate and honest information that is straight-forward. We never want to provide misleading information.

As our customer, you are part of the Idoctor family – a cornerstone and fundamental necessity for the business to succeed and grow. We do not feel a lie is needed to bring you into our family.

Buyer Beware – ask:

Who – who certified you?
When – was it done?
What – devices does it cover?
Why – did you get certified an not thousands of others?
Where – did the certification take place?