Idoctor receives calls everyday from people who dropped and broke their iPhone. Sometimes the customers ask why the repair cost so much especially after they saw glass on eBay for only eight dollars. First, an iPhone 5 iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s all need glass and LCD replacement – the part is fused together with special glue. Second, when dealing with eBay purchases remember, “buyer beware”. EBay sellers make a lot of money from customers buying cheap and inexpensive parts that are misleading with regard to function. Customers typically are unwilling to go through the hassle to return these. These are parts that will never work on your phone.

Remember, in the repair industry you get what you pay for. When you ask somebody to repair your device you are paying for time, expertise, and materials. Some cheap providers might lack in one or more of these categories. Additionally, a reputable repair shop that sells parts and/or repair often costs a little more then a freelance or mobile service – needing to invest in the company for growth customer value (making it possible to develop a long-term relationship with the business for your future repairs).

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