If you are like most people, you only know a fraction of your mobile devices’ capability. Another commonality we see amongst people is the perception large capacity devices are needed to store all of your content – causing many people to purchase high capacity iPads, iPhones, iPods when their needs would be met with basic memory at a lower cost. We have good news for you – by understanding the technological capability of your iDevice you can reduce the needed capacity of future purchases (or even extend the useful life of your existing devices).

An often overlooked function built into iTunes and iOS (the platform that operates iPhone, iPod, and iPad) is Home Sharing. Home sharing allows you to access and share your iTunes library (located on your computer) with your mobile devices that are accessed on the same wireless network. For those of you already confused, this means that your child’s 8GB iPod is capable of playing every movie you have in your iTunes library without having to surrender your iPad or share your computer (this helped out Garry from Idoctor immensely and created mass happiness on rainy days). While this helps out at home, travel still requires a bit of strategic planning or shear capacity to fill the time spent sitting next to family on the airplane, car, or train seat (conversation via iMessage is the new norm anyways).

Accessing Home Sharing is easy. Simply go to your settings app and select the video or music option (or both!), and enter your iTunes ID and password. This will require you to be logged into your iTunes and have home sharing enabled on your computer (all in the iTunes program). Life becomes a little easier when you don’t need to remove Scooby Doo and sync Hotel Transylvania each time there is a preference change (no need for your child to use pouty little bat face on you ever again…at home).

Home Sharing is not just for movies – it works for music too! Does your spouse or friend have a library you would like to listen to while doing chores? No need to collect or figure out how to copy the content to your library (or share iTunes accounts that merges preferred content, apps, and settings).

We know this is a little divergence from the repair we typically discuss, but hope this helps a little bit with your enjoyment and long term satisfaction of your iDevice. This may have already been second nature to many of you – but for those of you just hearing about this…. We are confident you will definitely get some good use out of this tool!

Please feel free to write if you have any questions we can help with: info@idoctormn.com

Have a great week everyone!