You drop your iPad and started the search to find out how to get it fixed, where you need to go, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. The search results can be overwhelming. Some places claim unrealistic turn around times. Some are super cheap. Some are really expensive or cumbersome to deal with. You start asking yourself, ‘What’s the difference?’

Depending upon who you ask, the differences between repairs will vary. Some people will say that everyone is the same and playing on the same playing field. This is not true. Some people will say that the parts are all the same. This is not true. Some people will say you can watch a YouTube video and do it yourself and save tons of money (Jackpot!)… This is (for the most part)…NOT TRUE.

First off, each technician has a different background and experience level. Similar to an auto mechanic. Do you want to take your car to the student who read about this a couple times in a book, or saw a video on it – or do you want to take this to someone who has done a repair thousands of times over?

Second, a video on the internet can be very informative. However, they do not provide a hands-on feel for what is going on, or what skills are actually needed to complete. We see botched repair attempts from folks (and repair shops) all the time. Not all can be repaired at that time. Something to also keep in mind, mobile devices like iPhones or iPads retail for over $600 in many instances. Ask yourself if you have the skill to be doing this. Also, would you be opening up your computer or your car to complete a minor repair that only costs 100-150 dollars? some of you would. some of you wouldn’t.

The other variable in this equation (yes, mathematics are a core interest in this writers background) is the parts that are used. We can assure you that they are different and they do vary. Often times, the $15-25 dollar difference between repair options is a result of the price those shops are paying for the parts. That is a significant price difference in part cost paid. It isn’t because of the leverage a company has with its vendor. Sourcing from China, where all the parts come from anyways, doesn’t make that big of a difference either.

iDoctor has the experience your iPad (or other iDevice) needs to be repaired at a high quality standard. We repair these every day of the week and know what to look for and how to properly install needed parts.

Mentioned several times in this blog post is the word “parts”… The plural version. In most iDevice repair – especially iPad glass repair – the glass is not the only part being installed to complete the job. Many places or freelancers will order a cheap piece of glass and install what comes in the “kit”. iDoctor believes that the job is done best with premium adhesive and dust gaskets. This prevents the screen from lifting up and provides greater strength to a part that is already all too fragile. Additionally, the dust gasket provides a barrier that keeps your screen looking clean and clear. These parts do not come standard in a kit – they are purchased separately and installed as part of a quality repair job. We can say from experience that many repair shops will not be installing these as part of their service. iDoctor offers a premium service at a competitive price – take away these value added parts along with top quality glass and you get a subpar repair.

We could probably write a book on this topic – but aside from the glass coursing through our veins, we are mostly human too (and need sleep). Please feel free to ask us questions and we would be happy to answer them for you.

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