For all of you iPhone users (or iPod, iPad, android, etc) here is a simple question: when was the last time you backed up your device? Do you have a set back up schedule?

What content do you keep on your device? Baby pictures… Contacts… Messages ?

In the last week (in any given week) Idoctor receives a lot of devices that are malfunctioning – and some of which are not recoverable; data lost forever.

Depending upon how active you are creating content, data back-up should be done daily-weekly-monthly. Back-up generally only requires 5-10 minutes – I backed up 1,900 pictures in about 15 minutes earlier today.

There are some places that can retrieve data in extreme cases – court/legal reasons, or whatever reason that fits your needs – at fairly steep prices ($500 and up). Idoctor is able to recover data in some cases of water damage – but not all.

Bottom line – back up your devices – save yourself time, money, and stress when the unexpected happens.