After five years of repairing iPhones, smartphones, iPads, iPods, and other electronics; after hiring technicians and training them; after receiving feedback from thousands of customers – I have realized that experience matters.

When you wake up in the middle of the night with a sick child or other emergency – you need a phone.

When you are traveling with kids or preparing for a meeting – you need a tablet.

You are on a road trip and pick up a flat and you expect your phone to work.

You store thousands of pictures, contacts, and documents on your device and haven’t backed it up… Ever. You need the best person working on it to preserve that information.

Why am I writing about this topic today? Because, there are so-called experts popping up that abide by corporate protocol and marketing techniques… Not something that I personally trust or follow.

Nationally there is a chain of stores that have added device repair to their docket. Stores that sell electronics, batteries, bulbs, watches, jewelry, screen protectors, etc. Device repair is a secondary revenue stream for them.

Why wouldn’t you go to the cheapest place possible? Why not go to a nationally recognized name?

The in-store “experts”, or sometimes the claim of “certified” is used, receive zero to a weeks worth of training. In the cases where they receive a weeks worth of training – that is classroom time and a standard laid back work day – not 18-20 hours a day hovering over a workbench at non-stop devices with variable issues (each device is as unique as the person!). Often times the newly minted experts will be managed by… Managers with no training.

That brings me to another segment of “technicians”. Those are the places where techs have zero experience and your device is practice for them! How do I know this? After interviewing and hiring experienced techs from the area, I have found out they were self taught with investors and a big name to back them up if they error. A new device doesn’t matter if your content is gone. A discounted rate doesn’t matter if your phone doesn’t turn on when needed. A large investment group that has a call center to call for help doesn’t matter – not when you need your device.

Our technicians are provided training from other technicians that have thousands of repairs under their belt. The average experience at our stores is 3 years. All of whom I have gotten to know personally and consider friends.

Standards of our competitors have lagged behind ours for some time. We easily identify them when we are secret shopped – they try to copy us in many ways. However, we spend the extra money on what many techs believe to be extra costs that are not needed. I tell you what – you will be happy that we spend $3 on gasket material when you hang out in a workshop, farm, or any other place with dust for any amount of time. You will be happy we took extra time to make your iPad look good. That we spent $15 extra on a part that weights 20 grams more. That we use strong adhesive made for glass and metal versus what China ships on their cheap screens. I know first hand that Idoctor spends more on quality parts than many of our competitors. Why? Because, my livelihood depends upon our success to repair your devices right. Not only that, but my name is behind my business and I take that very seriously. For me it is personal.

These devices are fragile – new, used, and everything in between. They can break from 6 inches up and can stay flawless from 6 feet up. There are no established thresholds to when or how your device will break. However, make sure you are getting the best chance at a long life for your device.

At Idoctor you will not find clever marketing tactics. You will not find pushy sales people. Our techs deal with you directly and are held accountable for each device repaired. I have the privilege to have some of the best techs around – techs that I personally trust with my devices, my friends, family’s, and yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read this – IMG_7866.JPG