Q – What if my phone is not fixable or damaged beyond repair?

A – In certain, rare circumstances, we are unable to repair your device – we will return the device to you and refund any repair fees. Any shipping fees are non-refundable.


Q – What do I need to ship with my device?

A – Please only ship the device unless you are requesting your accessory to be inspected as well. We have chargers, headphones, and all the necessary equipment to work on your device.


Q – Do you work on phones that have had previous work? What if my phone is in a million parts?

A – That’s ok – we will work on it. All devices are tested and inspected upon arrival. If your phone is in a number of parts upon arrival we will test the phone after the requested repair. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may have been done outside of our care.


Q – Do I receive my original device back or is it a different device?

A – We repair and ship back your original device. Unless absolutely necessary, all of your settings and content will remain the same and intact.


Q – Will I lose any of my stored information on my device?

A – In most cases all of the information is retained. In a small number of extreme cases your device may lose content. We recommend that all customers back up their devices.


Q – I have content that I do not want anyone to see on my device. What is your privacy policy?

A – We have a strict policy to not access or retain information of our customers devices. Unless needed for testing purposes, we will not access sensitive areas or data on your device, including: pictures, notes, contacts, messages, email, social media, etc.  However, we do access the following for testing and identification: Settings/About application for serial number, Front/Back Camera, Speakers, Proximity sensor, Microphone, Dock port, Wi-fi, Home button, Volume and lock buttons, all touchscreen zones. We cannot be liable for the functionality of the iphone if we are not allowed the access to test the device (password protected).


Q – Are there back-ups made of my iPhone?

A – We do not connect any devices we work on to itunes unless requested by the customer for specific purposes (i.e. – requested back up, restore, etc.).


Q – What is your turn-around time?

A – Generally we repair most mobile devices the same day we receive them.  Some tablets may take longer to repair (24-72 hours). We ship units back as soon as possible – sometimes same day. Any delays will be promptly communicated. We ship completed work back Monday thru Friday.


Q – What does the warranty cover?

A – We offer a 60 day warranty on the service provided. The warranty covers defective parts only. If your device is dropped, lost, or damaged – the warranty does not cover a replacement or refund. We suggest purchasing our glass protection that is available on select models.


Q – Does the warranty cover shipping back to you (idoctor)?

A – Our warranty does not cover the cost of shipping back to us. We cover the cost of returning the device to you after the appropriate correction is made. Our defect rate is extremely low – and we inspect over 20 functions to ensure your device is working properly when it is shipped back to you.


Q – What payment options are accepted?

A – We accept paypal and major credit / debit card through our online services. In-store options include credit card and cash. We are happy to offer payment terms and direct billing to commercial entities such as businesses, schools, and other government agencies.


Q – Do you have any options available if I need to retain custody of the device (criminal case, intelligence employees, government officials, etc.)?

A – We have worked on devices that need to remain within sight of officials and are happy to work out arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Arrangements include coming to a specific location to repair a device, or allowing privileged access next to us during the repair. If outside of our normal commercial zone travel charges may apply.


Q – Can I receive Saturday delivery?

A – Saturday delivery is an option for additional costs. A Saturday delivery option must be selected and delivery must also be upgraded to Priority Overnight. This must be communicated and paid for prior to us shipping on Friday.


Q – I have a device that is not listed on your webpage – can you guys fix it?

A – We can repair most smartphones and mobile devices. Please contact us and we can provide a price quote for you.


Q – Is sales tax applicable in my repair or purchase?

A – If you live in the Great State of Minnesota sales tax applies on all taxable sales through our website or in person. If you live in any other Great State in this Country (or another Great Country) then sales tax is not applicable.


Q – My phone got thirsty – what should I do?

A – We hear this all of the time. There is still hope.  We can successfully repair most liquid damage devices – However, the cost is sometimes prohibitive. We cannot tell over the phone. Send it in and have our expert technicians take a look. Our diagnostics are free and we can give you an estimate in about 24 hours.


Q – What do I need to ship with my device?

A – Ship the device and the confirmation provided after check-out.


Q – I live in the Twin Cities metro area – do I need to ship my device or do you have repair shops in the area?

A – You are in luck! We have repair shops for your convenience. We have a store located in Eden Prairie Center and we have another store opening in Maple Grove (Feb. 2013).


Q –I decided against having my device repaired and am returning it for a refund. Will the same parts be installed when you return the device to me?

A – Devices that are eligible for refund will have the installed parts removed and shipped back to you. We do not keep broken parts around – so your device will be returned as assembled as much as possible.