Being in the business of repairing iPhones, iPods, and iPads, we hear a lot of different stories about how the device broke. The stories range from standard to funny to very sad. The most common repairs we see are:

iPhone 4 glass repair

iPhone 4S glass repair

iPhone 3GS glass repair

iPod Touch 4 Glass repair

iPad 2 glass repair

Here are some of the ways the glass got broken (via the short versions!):

iPhone 3GS was on my lap and fell getting out of the car

iPhone 4S was in my back pocket when I went to sit down on the toilet

iPhone 4 fell out of my pocket while skydiving

iPad 2 was stepped on – and no one will admit to it!

iPad 2 fell about a foot onto carpet

iPhone 4 was thrown against the wall by boyfriend

iPhone 4S was caught in between the cushion in the lazy-boy (this happens a lot – be careful!)

iPhone 4S was in my pocket when my friend pushed me off of the dock and into the water

iPod Touch 4 was hit by a basketball in the gymnasium

iPod Touch 4 fell out of a locker

iPhone 4S broke by itself (i came back and it was still on the counter – but broken)

iPhone 4 shattered when it was in my jacket pocket and I put my jacket on

iPad 2 fell and broke when it slid off of my notebook

iPhone 4S broke – but I was blacked out and don’t remember what happened

iPhone 4S got chopped up by the snowblower

iPhone 4 fell out of pocket while on the back of a motorcycle

iPod Touch 4 broke when school bag was dropped

iPad 1st generation broke when son tried to wash it under the faucet

iPod Touch 2nd generation broke when son tried to open it to see what was inside

iPod Touch battery burned out when plugging a wet charger into it (water and electricity do not mix)

iPhone 4 stopped working after baby put it in mouth

iPhone 4S fell in urinal (one also said to have been dropped in a troff – yuk!)

iPad glass cracked when trying to etch a name into the glass (ironic part on this was that it was done by an engineer who had a feeling it might happen)

iPhone 4 speaker stopped working when chocolate melted in my purse

iPhone 4S got liquid damage from condensation from a bottle inside of a purse

iPhone 4S (and other iPhones) ear piece stopped working after too much liquid entered the ear hole while installing an invisible shield

iPhone fell out of pocket when going on a roller coaster

iPod Touch was run over by a car

iPad 2 fell off of the car and was run over

iPod Touch 4 fell when opening on X-mas – hit the fireplace brick and broke

iPhone 4 was in my pocket while I went swimming in the ocean (oops!)

iPhone 4 was in my pocket and broke when I got in an accident (this happened several times with bicycles/motorcycles versus car downtown – be careful!)

This list is not exhaustive – but are the ones that come to memory! iDoctor has worked with law enforcement to repair phones that hold evidence – along with repair of devices that belonged to loved ones who are no longer with us. Each of our devices is as unique as we are – and each one tells a different story. This is part of the job that I enjoy – learning a little bit about each owner (we all have something in common).

Hope you enjoyed this post – I figured I would have a little fun with this while at a period of writers block!