Las Vegas has been fun and entertaining. Traveling over 1,000 miles for a mobile technologies convention provided the opportunity for some good sights, sounds, and adventure. However, the best part of this trip (besides being accompanied by the lovely iNurse) was the opportunity to meet a group of absolutely wonderful shop owners.

Last night we dined with shop owners from Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, and Oklahoma. Their stories were fun to hear – as each has a different way they entered the industry – and each has a different business model. The conversation was delightful and insightful. The brainstorming and collaboration was spirited and promising. There was a common underlying theme that we all had in our words and ideas – this was about how to deliver the best value to our customers. When working with other business partners or entities – this is something we like to hear. We know that their hearts and minds are in the right place to conduct business with.

iDoctor would like to extend our deepest thanks to eTech parts for inviting and hosting dinner. You have been a great partner and we look forward to growing with you to offer our customers the best value possible.

If you are from out of town and need a local shop recommendation in one of these areas – contact us and we will connect you with one of these reputable shops.