I have taken a number of calls asking about iPad Mini screen replacement. The most recent phone call came from a customer who had a “repair guy” try to replace the screen on the iPad mini.

The “repair guy” got the glass off, and found out that the new part he purchased to assemble the device didn’t match up – and gave the customer back the iPad with a baggie of parts. The parts connect to the glass – that was removed from the iPad.

The customer was left with an iPad Mini that had no glass on it (because the broken glass was removed and destroyed in the process).

A question I have about the situation – did this freelancing repair guy even know what happened that made this repair fail?

The glass available for the iPad mini is not complete. The parts available on the open market require precision soldering of an IC chip that does not come pre-installed on the iPad mini glass. In fact, the IC chip needs to be precision EXTRACTED from the original screen before it can be soldered onto the new screen.

Currently, the margin of error on this repair is too great and iDoctor does not offer this service. It is not that we cherry pick what we offer – it is we offer only what we can do at a high quality. Soon, iPad Mini parts will be available and iDoctor will be the first to offer this service on a large scale basis. Until then, please be careful of people who think they know how to repair a device – these small electronics cost a lot to replace. The customer found out what happens when a mobile “repair guy” is unable to finish a repair…the repair guy walks out one door leaving you holding a bag of parts.

Stay tuned for more information on the iPad Mini – we will let you know when it’s ready to be repaired!