Idoctor provides top quality iPad repair. Unlike iPhone and iPod repair that only requires an hour or so to repair, iPad repair is generally a 1-3 day turnaround. Now you are asking yourself, “what the heck are they taking that long for?!” It’s not that we drag our feet – but rather we need time to do the best job possible.

Your next question might be, “don’t you know how long doing a good job will take? Why a time range?”

Idoctor sees a lot of iPads come through each day. Each iPad is different – damaged aluminum case, damaged bezel, etc. Our professional technicians assess each iPad that comes in and start the process as soon as possible – many cases the same day.

iPad 2 and 3 are the most common iPad we see. Often times the plastic bezel around the glass and the frame are in good working condition; other times they are damaged and need a little TLC from the iDr (I know… That’s stretching it). In the event the plastic bezel is damaged we need to replace it (the cost is about $15 for that). If the aluminum frame is damaged we will repair that at no additional charge. Just recently, Idoctor has developed a proprietary process to repair the worst of housing damage. Before, we would have to bend out and smooth the frame if it was dented inward – to make room for the new glass. A side effect of the old process was rough corners and rough appearance. The only previous option available to consumers that wanted the frame in new condition was to replace the entire back housing at considerable price.

The new process places emphasis on this issue – and the feedback has been positive. Instead of a corner missing or flattened, we are able to re-build and round out the corner for a pleasant appearance (in addition to functioning right). This process contributes to the time we need your iPad. The cure time is approximately 24 hours in addition to the time it takes for the normal repair (but still within the 1-3 day window).

Other factors that contribute to the repair time and value received are: strong adhesive, dust gaskets, 21 point pre and post inspection, and quality control during the repair process. The smallest piece of glass not cleaned off will result in a broken screen – we double and triple check for small shards of glass. Dust gasket – this is something that many places overlook and do not install due to cost and time. The dust gasket helps prevent dust from settling under your screen during normal use. Professional grade adhesive is used to hold the glass in place. Idoctor does not use “free” adhesive that comes pre-installed on the screens, nor do we use generic adhesive that will leave your screen popping up afterwards. Idoctor uses special order adhesive that has been proven to stand the test of time and has provided great results.

With all of that said… Most of the iPads we repair are completed in an average time of just under 24 hours. We fully understand that iPads are used for business, school, recreation, and more – it is our top priority to get a quality product back into your hands as quickly as possible. The difference between us and the others out there is that we promise what we can follow through on – each and every time.

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