Click, click, click… nothing. The iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S you are trying to turn on won’t turn over. The power button (aka – sleep/wake button) is mush – it doesn’t click anymore and your iphone is only a year old, maybe two.

“So what,” you might ask. The iPhone 4S still turns on when pressing the home button. Yes, but what happens when you are done with using your phone and it’s time to put it away? Or you need to lock the screen? Or turn your phone off? There are a number of circumstances that your power button is needed – many that are taken for granted.

You don’t need to live with your iPhone 4 broken like that. iDoctor can repair your iPhone 4 or 4S power button in under an hour. 

Another question you might ask, “why did the power button stop working?”

That is a tricky question. The adhesive that holds the component together fails after a certain amount of time, clicks, and/or a few other variables that go into it. Essentially, the product should have been made stronger – in my opinion. Perhaps there was a manufacturing need or purpose. Perhaps this is part of the manufacturers “Planned Obsolescence” strategy so more units are sold. Either case, it feels good to see a customer get their phone back in working order after having to struggle with a semi-fuctional phone for whatever period of time.

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