Each week we see iPhones or iPods that are suffering from camera issues. These issues are problematic for many users – blurry pictures of memorable moments don’t quite embody the spirit we wish to capture. No picture is even worse.

Recently, I have been hearing from iPhone 5 users that the camera is taking blurry pictures. I have seen this first hand. The pictures are not slightly distorted, but fully clouded. From what I gather, this typically happens after a minor drop on a surface – hard or soft. This suggests that the camera is sensitive to minor bumps. Restoring, resetting, and all the normal suggested Apple tactics do not work to get the camera functioning again. Do not worry… Yet. The iPhone 5 is still under warranty. The one year manufacturer warranty covers your iPhone 5 regardless of where the phone was purchased (store, online, craigslist, etc.) – as long as the phone is covered under the warranty guidelines (not damaged due to user abuse, liquid damage, etc.). If you are seeing blurry pictures now, do not waste time – bring it in now for warranty service (usually a replacement). Outside of warranty service, the camera can be replaced.

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S camera issues also include blurry photos. This is a much more simple repair. A lens covering the camera can be replaced – usually in under 30 minutes. Other issues may include a complete loss of camera functionality. Remedy for this sort of issue can include replacement of the camera and sometimes even repair of the board (in the event of a shorted component).

iPod Touch 4 cameras have proven to be fairly durable. Usually, the front camera is the issue – taking blurry pictures or having a blur during facetime conversations. Often, we see this when the screen has a crack in it. The screen crack allows dust to enter and cover the front camera. Replacing the screen will remedy this – but the camera needs to be cleaned before the screen is adhered.

If you are having issues with your camera, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.