A common issue we see at iDoctor is the rear camera lens on iPhones being broken. With the newer models having protruding lenses, they break much easier than generations past. Some people choose to simply pick the glass out and have no lens. This isn’t the best idea if you enjoy your camera. The lens helps the camera focus, and it protects the camera from damage. Common damage to the camera includes small microscopic chips on the camera. This causes the camera to not focus properly, and most pictures come out blurry.

These chips on the camera can also occur from dropping the phone – even if the outer lens is still intact.

In both situations, iDoctor can fix it! Typically the parts are in stock and the repair generally only takes an hour or so.

If your camera is not functioning properly, or you have questions regarding your phone (all smartphones), please do not hesitate to contact iDoctor! We are happy to help in any way that we can.

Happy holidays!