Does your iPhone charge to a certain percentage, then stop? Does it go from 100 down to 55 (or similar) spontaneously? Or, perhaps your iPhone battery just doesn’t last that long anymore. You are not alone. Often times the battery needs to be replaced in the phone. Bring it to iDoctor and we can check it out.

One of the tests we run to determine if a battery is bad or not, is to determine the number of charge cycles on the battery. Often, once a battery gets to about 300 or so charge cycles, the performance starts to deteriorate. Once they get to about 500, the performance is noticeably poor and you are likely charging your phone all the time. Each user is different in what they perceive poor battery performance to be. Some people are fine charging more frequently – others like to have the staying power that came with the phone out of the box.

Other indicators that you may have a bad battery include the phone randomly shutting off, and the screen lifting on the left hand side – or lcd distortion on the left side of the phone. If you are getting screen lift or distortion, bring your phone in immediately before the problem becomes so severe that you need to replace your screen too! This happens in cases where the battery expands because it is going bad. The battery will keep inflating until the phone becomes inoperable.

Hopefully this helps you out with any questions you may have with regard to your battery. If you have other questions, please feel free to call us or stop in to one of our three metro area locations.

Happy holidays!