You have either made your iPod nano 1st generation last a long time or it’s sitting in a junk drawer collecting dust. Either way, you are in a good position.

You might ask, how does having a broken iPod nano a good thing? It is not worth the time or money to repair.

Some time ago, the giant Californian fruit company (Apple) issued a recall on this device because the battery could catch fire. Most people would pass on this because the new devices are much better and the old ones are obsolete (to some – not others). Keep reading…

Apple ran out of first generation iPod nano’s and decided not to fire up the production line and build replacement 1st gens. Apple decided that issuing a 6th gen nano as a replacement would fulfill obligations to their customers. Yes – you read that right! You can send in your 1st gen Nano for a newer device (6th as far as I know). I don’t know how long this will continue on for – but perhaps if apple runs out of 6th gens they will issue the 7th (but I don’t want to be starting apple rumors….yet).

I have personally returned two iPod nano 1st generation units for two 6th gens. Both were used as a goodwill gesture towards family members (Aka – gifts).

How do you send yours in and cash in on this deal?

You could simply google “iPod nano recall” and follow the links. It would only take a few clicks…
But, I am the kind and helpful Idoctor and will provide the link for you….

Click here

Or the link below…



Another question people ask me: ‘why do you send customers away? Can’t you just fix it? This sounds fishy…’

Before you get all Sherlock Holmes on me, here me out -

We provide an honest service and honest advice – we want you to come to us if you break something. We look at each customer as a long term partner – and believe small gestures such as this are not only the right thing to do, but also the ethical thing to do that will set us apart from others.

Also, we could repair the first gen nano. If it means that much to you – we will be happy to help!

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