Over the last few months we have seen a number of folks come in with issues that were not resolved at other repair shops. These were complex issues that are often overlooked by repair shops because of the difficulty of the repairs. The repairs were all jobs requiring microsoldering – including FPC connectors, IC chips, charge ports, power buttons, and capacitors. iDoctor has expanded into this field and performs a number of microsoldering repairs – which we stock parts for.

Commonly, customers will take their smartphone to another shop for liquid damage service. Some of the shops do a very basic and mediocre job cleaning the boards – often we see them neglect to remove the shields covering components that are covered in corrosion. Other times they reach a brick wall that includes a common capacitor that is shorted, and they can’t replace it. When this happens, bring it to iDoctor (or, just bring it to us to begin with). We have brought many devices back to life, saving the precious memories of our guests.

Please call or email if you have any questions, or to see if we can help you out in any way.