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Lifestyle Waterproofing

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Lifestyle Waterproofing


Product Description

Waterproofing now at iDoctor! We have been anxiously waiting to announce this service – but now it is here!

Lifestyle waterproofing is protection against accidental and incidental liquid exposure. Some rain in the forecast? An accidental run-in with the toilet? Jump from the dock before checking your pockets? That’s the sort of accidents we speak of.

What happens when you get your phone wet traditionally? Often times the water will evaporate and mix with the electric current in your phone to cause corrosion and leave mineral deposits that can permanently damage your device. Lifestyle waterproofing is meant to stop this harsh reaction in four easy to follow steps.

First – get your phone waterproof coated at iDoctor

Second – Don’t power your device. Turn your device off and remove the battery for 4-5 hours until it can dry off.

Third – Don’t charge your device for 48 hours. Water and electricity never mix.

Fourth – Dry your device with a towel. Prop it up so the water can trickle out. We recommend charge port side down.


If your device does not work after this process, our guarantee is that we will perform our water damage clean up and inspection at no charge. That’s over a $40 value. We are confident that 99 times out of 100, if you follow this four step process, you will not have any trouble.

Lifestyle waterproofing is not intended to take your device swimming. It’s a product to help when life gets in the way. Water damage has proven to be harmful to the newer devices and hard to fix. Waterproof your device today and save yourself that headache that traditionally comes with a liquid encounter.

See technician for additional questions and information.