Being in the repair business people often come to us asking what prevents damage – often times they ask after a repair was needed and they don’t want it to happen again. Other times they don’t want to even deal with a device breaking. Here are a few simple guidelines and insider tips when it comes to cases…

The first rule of mobile device protective cases: you get what you pay for. This might sound like a sales ploy to gain access to your wallet – it’s not. This will help keep your wallet in your pocket. Low end cases in the $10-$20 range offer some vibrant colors and designs, and are nice by all accounts; these cases offer protection that is better than no protection, but are more cosmetic in nature. Cases in the $25-$35 range can be very good. This range includes models of OtterBox and Speck (to name my favorites and best names on market). Designs and functionality are good. Protection is moderate to good. The top tier of cases, $40 and up, offer (typically) the best protection. OtterBox Defender series, LifeProof waterproof cases, Griffen, and more – I use the Defender case and have dropped on tile and survived with NO damage. All of my devices are protected with OtterBox and have been since 2010. iDoctor sells a good number of quality cases that will protect your device. Feel free to browse our selection here.

The second rule – trust the first rule. Margins on cheap cases are usually more lucrative (and the chances of you replacing your mobile device are greater), so most sales associates would prefer you buy these. Spend a little more now and save later. I’ve had one customer always talking about needing to purchase a case – and finally did after 5 damaging drops in one year (between two phones).

Rule three – leave your device in the case. Every weekend we see several folks that break their device when it falls out during removal from the case (for cleaning, or no reason at all).

Rule four – beware of online knockoffs and wrong fitting cases. eBay and amazon are swarming with deceptive advertising from sellers – and they are good at it. Cases are device specific (and generation specific). Seek professional guidance when selecting a case to find the right one for your device.

Last but not least – use the case after you buy it.

Idoctor has a growing selection of cases for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, and several other android models. Stop by and check us out!