Idoctor is continuously striving to get better – better service, better repair, better prices, better value, better everything. Being “good enough” is not good enough for us in our mission to provide value and quality to our valued guests. A couple areas we have placed great emphasis on are privacy and quality control.

Privacy is an everyday topic in the world. We depend upon privacy to conduct banking, messaging/communication, work, and just about every thing else. Idoctor recognizes this and places security in high regard with each device that is entrusted to us. Idoctor has a zero tolerance policy for accessing private content on devices while in our care. Your pictures, texts, emails, and everything else are never accessed unless express consent is given and its central to specific repair completion. Some guests work in industries that require them to maintain a chain of custody (insurance, medical, intelligence, etc.). We welcome these guests and have several options available to them to maintain the security demanded of their profession (or personal requests).

Quality control is important – it’s your device and time. We start by partnering with one of the best part suppliers in the country – quality parts saves a lot of time and adds value. Before and after the work is done, our technicians go through a 20 point inspection to validate good working order. Passwords are required for this inspection – which we handle in the most professional and secure manner possible.

We strive for continuous improvement – if you ever have suggestions or questions we would be happy to speak with you.

Have a great week everyone!