You dropped your life and it shattered on the ground into a bazillion pieces – or your phone had just as much fun swimming in the lake as you did – whatever the problem is that has put your mobile device on the disabled list, you likely have some questions.

One of the top questions we here from our guests is, “how long do you need to fix it?”

Many people have heard horror stories of sending their device off to the manufacturer or a repair shop – the device takes three weeks, isn’t working, got lost, and the list goes on.

At Idoctor, we aim to get your device repaired and back in your hands as soon as possible. In many instances the repair only takes about an hour. Many screen repairs, battery replacements, charge port repair, etc. typically only take 60-90 minutes (with some faster then that). This is usually the case for iPhones and iPods.

iPads take a little longer to repair. We usually estimate 24-48 hour repair time for iPad 2 and the new iPad models. The removal of the screen, cleaning of the frame, and prepping the screen are all detailed and time consuming. If your iPad took a real bad fall it might require repair of the back housing. Bending the frame can leave scrapes and scratches in the aluminum – but is needed to allow the glass room to adhere to the frame. We have found a way to repair these frame imperfections and improve the process altogether – at no additional cost to you. This process is what takes time. Our proprietary compound needs about 24 hours to fully set before we package and mail back. The other option available would be to replace the back housing – which is usually expensive in comparison to the iPads value.

Feel free to contact us with questions relating to your specific device – and we would be more than happy to provide you with a time and price estimate.