Like most users of iProducts, you need to stay connected. That means that a minute without your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is a minute too long. iDoctor understands that. That is why we have technicians on staff that can repair your device quickly – in most cases while you wait. This prompt service comes at no additional charge. A quick look around the internet at some of the large internet repair shops – and even some national retailers that offer repair – the marketing around repair time and price is deceitful. Some online companies charge up to $30 additional for same day repair.

I have blogged previously about iDoctor’s quick repair times and want to expand on that a little bit.

Let’s assume you have an iPhone 4S that has a broken front screen. In most cases you can bring that into iDoctor (Eden Prairie or Maple Grove location) and have it back in about an hour. We say most cases because there are variables that we cannot control. These variables include – other walk-in customers with the same repair needs. iDoctor is usually able to turn around multiple repairs quickly – but at times gets a little behind due to overwhelming demand. Here is a quick list of normal repair times:

iPhone 4 Front Screen replacement: 45-90 minutes

iPhone 4 Back Glass replacement: 5-10 minutes

iPhone 4S Front Screen replacement: 45-90 minutes

iPhone 4S Back Glass replacement: 5-10 minutes

iPod Touch 4 Screen replacement: 45-90 minutes

iPhone 3GS Glass replacement: 30-45 minutes

iPhone 3G Glass replacement: 30-45 minutes

iPad 2 glass replacement: 24-72 hours (rapid repair coming soon)

iPad 3/4 glass replacement: 24-72 hours (rapid repair coming soon)

If the repair you are looking for is not listed – please contact us for a time estimate. Most repairs fall under this the time frames listed.

Here is what you can do to get in and get out as quickly as possible: schedule an appointment. Often, we can make same day appointments with little notice.  iDoctor does not require appointments – but we offer this advice to those that are crunched for time. We value everyone’s time – and want to make your experience with iDoctor the best possible.

Here is how you can make an appointment – you can call us directly at the store you are going to visit – or you can email us. Both options are located on our contact page (click here).

Appointment or not – iDoctor is always happy to help you and tries to maintain flexibility to match everyone’s unique needs.