With technology becoming engrained in our daily lives we find that yesterday’s problems are now solved… As any new fad takes society by storm a segment of society has to adapt – and goes crazy doing so. Yes, the parents. Parenting is tough. Many of the same challenges exist today that were around yester-year. The legacy challenges at least have a number of solutions that have been time tested to try out.

What happens when the new iPhone, iPod, or iPad becomes a problem between you and your child? Taking it away is an option that also removes a phone that could help out in an emergency. iPads are educational tools. iPods are good for a few things too .

Many users have heard about restrictions that can be enabled but are either unsure how it works or feel they don’t quite achieve the desired outcome. You could restrict Safari or the camera or other apps – while leaving content exposed… Perhaps this is good enough.

Perhaps what you are looking for is a way to restrict your iPhone to a single use so you can be comfortable letting it out of your sight for a few minutes. The solution for this is….
Guided Access.

Guided access restricts your iOS device to a single app and can even restrict areas on the screen to prevent further access. For example, you choose the phone app but want to keep people out of your contacts. You can select the portion of the app that views contacts. Place important numbers in favorites and your kid has a lifeline that you restrict.

This might take a little practice and getting used of – but it is really quite easy. You triple click the home button to enable, then you triple click the home button followed by a  password to disable – voila!

For parents with babies that like to reach out and touch their favorite cartoon… this works fabulous to keep the content flowing without causing more work for yourself (we just won’t admit we are those parents…wink wink)!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope to publish some more helpful tips in the near future!