At Idoctor we try to offer the best repair using the best parts the market has to offer. Along with that comes experience that is needed to deliver a professional repair. All that in mind, we offer a competitive price that is straight forward without the hidden costs.

Hidden costs you say? Yes – the advertised pricing you see is not what you get for what you expect.

Recently I saw a normally priced iPhone 5/C/S for $150. It was “on sale” for $110 – from a company with national reach. Diving into the details – add 2-3 days for shipping, repair, and delivery (that requires at home signature) and the price is $165!!

You are local and don’t have to worry about shipping. All repair is created equal, right? Wrong.

The glass on iPhone 5/C/S that is offered on the market has a broad spectrum of grades and quality. Furthermore, some of the folks in the industry have gotten into refurbishing screens themselves – sans clean room or professional SOP. Often times discounted services are taking advantage of parts priced $30-$40 lower than A grade parts.

Different grades of parts? Some folks say original. Some say AAA, AA, A, B, and C. There are likely more categories out there though.

The differences include glass clarity, visual defects, aftermarket or recycled LCD (and which manufacturer of lcd), and oleophobic coatings.

The one thing that is certain is that there are very few original parts available on the market. The manufacturer of the i devices does not distribute their parts. To have an authentic and genuine original, it would need to be extracted from a phone that was new. There are some screens that come close in quality – but could never be sold using “original” terminology.

OEM screens… Not original. Grade A is often built to original specs, but the component quality and build can vary.

Mind boggling enough? This isn’t even half of what goes into repair and procurement.

At Idoctor, we don’t look for the cheapest parts. We don’t look for corners that can be cut. We certainly do not lure you in with deceptive marketing tactics! IMG_7548.JPG