You have just spent a ton of time searching for a place to repair your mobile device – and think you have found the lowest price with the top rated company out there. You get to the checkout and get a bunch of different options that are confusing. Option number one – do you want your phone to be repaired the same day received? Option two – Do you want the back replaced so it looks good? Do you want protection on your phone that you thought was included – but comes with a premium and a deductible? How about this, that, and a little more of this – blah, blah, blah…

A personal pet peeve of mine is being tricked into believing that you found the rock bottom price and a quick search would validate that assertion – just to find out for the service you should be receiving costs about $30 or more!

One place I found offers same day repair service at a $25 additional charge (ouch!). iDoctor repairs iPhones and iPods same day in 95% of the instances.

Another place i found offers insurance that covers the repair you just received – for a premium and small deductible – increasing your total cost by 50%. This is after all the text leads a person to believe that is a courtesy service – for free.

There are a lot of examples where online retailers deceive a customer that is enthusiastic and eager to get a repair completed. iDoctor provides upfront pricing that is easy to understand. Even more so, we encourage our customers to contact us with additional questions that may (or may not) affect what is required to repair the device.

iDoctor repairs devices when we receive them. If possible, we will mail them back the same day we receive them. When the product arrives to our location in the afternoon, we will complete the repair and ready it for morning pick up (unless a fedex location is open and then we would drop it off). This fast service comes at no additional cost. We don’t believe you should pay more for simply receiving prompt and attentive service.

We have said this in a prior blog post, Buyer Beware. iDoctor believes that a healthy relationship between us and our valued clients is based upon trust. We work hard to gain and keep your trust in us – and deeply and truly appreciate each and every device entrusted to us.