What’s more fun then testing a new product offering? Aside from a day on the boat, we can’t think of anything – so iDoctor is pleased to bring you the results of our recent waterproofing test.

On Friday we waterproofed our in-house iPhone 6. The iPhone had no known issues, had never been exposed to liquid, and was in overall good working order.

On Sunday night the 48 hour curing period had lapsed and our iPhone was finally protected against incidental and accidental liquid exposure.

We know how life can get in the way of the best intentions a person could have and felt that a simple splash test was not adequate. We went ahead and dropped the phone into a bucket of water – to simulate an accidental drop in the toilet or lake. We fished it out about 6 seconds later.

The iPhone was still responsive, even though it had just been dropped in water. However, we proceeded to follow the recommended guidelines and powered it down – and setting it aside in a propped up position to allow water to drain out the bottom.

Now, the manufacturer recommends leaving the device off for 4-5 hours (which is our formal position as well), but we were impatient and fired the iPhone up after 60 minutes. Voila! It turned back on (which was not surprising to us) and worked perfectly fine.

We left the phone on for the remainder of the day and through the night to see if the battery was affected. We found normal battery drain (another bonus!).

Also, the next morning after testing the phone again we decided to take a peak under the hood. Carefully removing the screen we noticed the water indicators were still white (often when exposed to liquid they are supposed to turn red). Looking closer at the logic board using a microscope, we found no indication of corrosion or mineral deposits. The only evidence of liquid was the barely visible waterspot on the back shield of the LCD.

We consider this test an overall success. The waterproofing treatment protected the iPhone from corrosion and we are left with a working phone.

While different liquids and water compositions can produce different outcomes, we feel that this gives you the protection you need and flexibility when selecting other forms of protection (such as case/no case, etc.)

Feel free to email with questions – we would be happy to hear from you!